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Our Eviction Services

Penn Legal – Eviction of tenant

While it is often the last resort to evict a tenant, the process should be initiated and managed professionally within the legal boundaries of the State of Tennessee real estate law.

Forcible Entry & Detainer Warrant (FED)
First attempt within 12 hours with 3 attempts made within 3 days. Personal service of defendant is our absolute priority. Speed is of the essence-the faster the service, the faster you have access to your property!

Writ Of Possession-FED
Same-day call to schedule-We will call you to schedule a time within 4 hours of receiving your document. Time and day determined by you. Writ normally executed within 24-48 hours.

Eviction Crew
Our eviction team also provides physical evictions and removal services for your property with a trained staff on-site to complete the physical portion of the eviction.