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Our Technology

Penn Legal (JSSI Process Server)– Technology is One of Our Greatest Strengths

Penn Legal (JSSI Process Server) uses the latest smartphone technology and business processes to efficiently and accurately complete your Service of Process.

The technology of the smartphone enables Penn Legal to service your job with the required documentation of each attempt utilizing the GPS (Global Positioning System), photograph of property where attempt is made, along with the personal information entered by the Private Process Server at the actual time of the attempt. Status updates provided automatically via email and web.

Using this detailed smartphone technology helps to protect you from fraudulent service of process, increases the speed of service as well as allowing you to automate the management of your files and service.

Once Service of Process is completed, all documentation from all attempts will be included in the Affidavit of Service (notarized) to be filed with the Court as a completed/returned job as required with the court. The documents will be filed back with the issuing court following that specific court’s guidelines; as well as in accordance with State and Local laws.

For our larger Clients, Penn Legal has the Universal Trading Platform (UTP) which allows information to be traded between clients and users.